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Open Day Garden Visits

Drop-in unannounced and enjoy a garden wander.


Open Days At The Garden

No invitation or appointment is needed. Open Days at The Bath House Garden are an opportunity for the local community and visitors to the Hunter Valley, to drop in unannounced. 

Yes, you have time for a delicious breakfast at one of the local cafes. We open our gate at 10 am and you can wander the garden at your leisure enjoying the sights, sounds and fragrances. This is a country garden experience. Stay as long as you like. Take in the beautiful vistas, relax by the lake or fountains or visit with the chickens and Ebony. You will probably meet other garden enthusiasts, and of course, there are plenty of ideas to inspire your own green thumbs, so bring a notebook.


Seasonal Open Days

The Bath House Garden is a seasonal garden with each month having delights of its own. For this reason, Open days are scheduled throughout the year so you can catch a glimpse of the Spring bulbs and blossoms, the beauty of the Autumn fall, the Winter silhouettes and the Summer roses.

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Garden Open Days

10am - 4pm

$10 Adult  $5 Child

Sunday 20th September 

Sunday 18th October

Sunday 15th November

Sunday 13th December

Sunday 17th January


The Bath House Garden

Hunter Valley NSW

Phone Sue Bath 0429 117 180

Corner of Forest Hill Drive and South Willards Lane, Oakhampton Heights, NSW 2320